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In pictures: North Wales floods - the clean-up begins

A huge area of St Asaph, in Denbighshire was flooded after the River Elwy burst its banks yesterday morning.

Water covered a huge area of St Asaph, in Denbighshire, yesterday morning Credit: ITV News Wales

Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from their homes as flood water continued to rise.

Hundreds of people were helped to safety as flood water entered their homes Credit: James Wright / ITV Wales News

North Wales Police says 500 homes were evacuated, and more than 100 found shelter in a leisure centre in the city, receiving hot drinks and blankets, with help from the British Red Cross.

A lifeboat crew had to rescue someone from this house Credit: ITV Wales News

According to our reporter, Ian Lang, who was in St Asaph yesterday, the flood water was waist deep in some places, engulfing cars and trapping people in their homes.

A man looks out of a window as a crew from the RNLI and paramedics pass a submerged car in St. Asaph Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire
Water was waist deep in some areas Credit: ITV News Wales
These cars were almost completely submerged by flood water Credit: ITV Wales News
Flood waters come close to covering houses Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

A Rest Centre remained open overnight for those rescued from the flood. North Wales Police and other emergency services also worked throughout the night.

Many people have been taking their pets to safety in St Asaph Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire
Businesses need to clean up before they can get back to work Credit: Ian Lang / ITV News Wales
The scale of the damage is only now being fully realised Credit: Ian Lang / ITV News Wales
People have been returning to clear out their homes Credit: ITV News
Flood water remains in many places Credit: ITV News
Water has caused damage to huge amounts of property Credit: ITV News Wales
Muddy water in a kitchen drawer shows the height it reached Credit: ITV News Wales