1. ITV Report

Rain tonight, brighter and showery tomorrow

The early sunshine disappeared as cloud and rain pushed in from the west. Tonight we'll avoid a frost as there will be around half an inch of rain falling during the evening and early part of the night. It could be chilly in parts of the east for a while before temperatures rise a touch, ending at 4-5C.

Monday sees the rain clearing to bring sunny spells across the country, although the cloud may hold on a while during the morning. With the sunny spells come showers and there could be a fair few of them developing into the afternoon. Highs tomorrow at 8-9C but the breeze will be brisk and make it feel rather cool again.

The days ahead see a mix of sunshine and showers but it will turn increasingly chilly again during the week so don't be surprised if those showers are wintry in places.

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