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Cloud and rain on the way, not too wet though!

An almost cloudless start for many parts of Wales allowed for dramatic sunrises this morning. Sadly there is cloud and rain on the way as weak fronts edge into north Wales. Southern and central parts will hold on to the sun for the rest of the day. It continues to be rather chilly with highs of 5-7C, but the winter sunshine should make up for it. It will get increasingly windy as the fronts approach.

Overnight the warm front drifts south with just light and patchy rain on it, meanwhile the cold front eventually shows it's hand in the north. The cloud will mean it won't be so cold a night with lows of more, so we should escape a ground frost.

Sunday is likely to be the reverse of Saturday. Rain in the north early on in the day drifts south. This could produce some spells of heavier rain for a time before weakening. Into the afternoon, south Wales receives the rain (what's left of it), further north there should be a good clearance of cloud the north coast should see sunshine to end the day. Everywhere will be milder with highs of 9C.

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