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The census and Wales: all you need to know

Wales' population has gone up - but the number speaking Welsh has gone down Photo: Barry Batchelor / PA Archive / Press Association Images

The basics

The population of Wales is growing - reasonably - fast.

  • 3.1 million people were 'usually resident' in Wales on census day (27 March 2011) - an increase of 5% from 2001
  • This is the largest population increase since 1951

It's mainly down to migration - both from within the UK and outside.

  • 93,600 people not born in the UK moved into Wales between 2001 and 2011

Wyt ti'n siarad Cymraeg?

Fewer people do now speak Welsh. Under half of those living in traditional heartlands Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire now speak the language, although the number using Welsh in Cardiff and Monmouthshire has gone up.

  • 562,000 people in Wales can speak Welsh - down from 576,000 in 2001
  • 431,000 people in Wales can read, speak and write Welsh - down from 458,000 in 2011

Young people are most likely to be bilingual.

  • 30% of Welsh speakers are under the age of 16
  • 80% of people aged 45 to 49 say they have 'no skills' in Welsh

With millions of pounds being spent on Welsh language education and broadcasting, our Correspondent Carl Edwards asks what's going on.

Welsh identity

Despite a smaller number of people speaking the Welsh language, a great number took advantage of the chance to label themselves as Welsh. It was the first census that you were able to do so.

  • 66% of people in Wales say their national identity is 'Welsh'
  • 10% of those people also say they are 'British'

Wales in poor health

  • 8 of the top 10 local authorities with the highest proportion of residents who say they are in 'very bad health' are in Wales
  • 78% of people in Wales describe themselves as in 'good or very good health' - compared to 81% in England
  • 23% of people in Wales have an activity-limiting long-term illness - compared to 18% in England

Not a very religious land

  • 32% of people in Wales say they have 'no religion' - a higher proportion than any English region
  • 58% of people in Wales say they are 'Christian' - a decrease of 14% from 2001 - a larger decrease than any English region

Some other - very specific - stats to impress your friends with

  • 96% of people in Wales are 'white' - a higher percentage than any English region
  • 26% of people in Wales say they have no recognised qualifications
  • 67% of households in Wales own their own accommodation - it is 63% in England
  • There are 1.6 million domestic cars and vans in Wales - up from 1.3 million in 2001

Nick Hartley reports on the changing face of the nation.