Wales in 2012: stories you might have missed

As part of our review of 2012, we've compiled a handful of our favourite stories you might have missed the first time around.

Bakery syndicate wins EuroMillions lottery

The team won £99,842.70 Credit: ITV News Wales

A group of South Wales workmates from a bakery in Pontypridd celebrated a EuroMillions win of nearly £100,000.

Monmouth - the first 'Wikipedia town'

Volunteers, businesses and the local council contributed to the project Credit: ITV News Wales

The town of Monmouth launched an ambitious project to create Wikipedia pages about 'every notable place, person, artefact, flora, fauna' in the town.

Great-grandmother's knitted Diamond Jubilee tribute

The eight-inch royal couple and two-foot carriage took Norah three weeks to knit Credit: Wales News Service

Ahead of the Diamond Jubilee, a great-grandmother from Cardiff got into the celebratory spirit by making the Queen and Prince Philip out of wool.

Welsh Star Wars fan saves Luke Skywalker's home

Terry Cooper at the Lars homestead Credit: ITV News Wales

It's not quite a galaxy far far away, but it's still a long way from home. Star Wars fan and author Terry Cooper travelled from Cardiff to Tunisia - to help rebuild Luke Skywalker's house.

Britain's most unique shed?

The Water Shed turns around 360 degrees twice a day with the tide, meaning the view is constantly changing Credit: ITV News Wales

We met the owner of an aquatic shed near Aberdovey, winner of an international award!

'Doodlemum' - sketching everyday family life

Family cat Arnie tries to join in bed-time reading with mum Angie and her three children Credit: Doodlemum

Swansea mum Angie Stevens has taken a unique approach to documenting the memories of a young family growing up fast...

A view of Pembrokeshire from space

A view of Pembrokeshire from the space balloon Credit: Dorian Pascoe

Four students from Tasker Milward School in Haverfordwest came up with the idea to create and launch a space balloon to record information about wind speed and temperature at different altitudes in space.

Lobster's lucky escape after chef's change of heart

The lobster was estimated to be between 40-50 years old Credit: ITV News Wales

A Swansea chef said he'd release a lobster he purchased back into the sea - because he couldn't bring himself to cook it.

A history lesson with a difference

David Perkins, from Duffryn High School, has been uploading videos of historical characters onto the internet for his students to watch - and he's even starring in them himself.

Cardiff's prisoner-run restaurant

A wide variety of food is available at the restaurant, all cooked by inmates Credit: Carl Edwards,/ITV News Wales

We were given a taste of the Clink Cymru, a restaurant run by inmates at Cardiff Prison.

Is your dog a star of the future?

Carl Edwards and canine pal Logan visited a centre that trains dogs for film and television work.

Celebrity tattoos

Marilyn Monroe is proving a popular choice for those getting a celebrity tattoo Credit: Wales News Service

Rob Osborne met a Cardiff-based tattoo artist with a popular following, thanks to his skill at inking celebrity tattoos.