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Wales in 2012: stories you might have missed

As part of our review of 2012, we've compiled a handful of our favourite stories you might have missed the first time around.

Bakery syndicate wins EuroMillions lottery

The team won £99,842.70 Credit: ITV News Wales

A group of South Wales workmates from a bakery in Pontypridd celebrated a EuroMillions win of nearly £100,000.

Monmouth - the first 'Wikipedia town'

Volunteers, businesses and the local council contributed to the project Credit: ITV News Wales

Great-grandmother's knitted Diamond Jubilee tribute

The eight-inch royal couple and two-foot carriage took Norah three weeks to knit Credit: Wales News Service

Welsh Star Wars fan saves Luke Skywalker's home

Terry Cooper at the Lars homestead Credit: ITV News Wales

It's not quite a galaxy far far away, but it's still a long way from home. Star Wars fan and author Terry Cooper travelled from Cardiff to Tunisia - to help rebuild Luke Skywalker's house.

Britain's most unique shed?

The Water Shed turns around 360 degrees twice a day with the tide, meaning the view is constantly changing Credit: ITV News Wales

'Doodlemum' - sketching everyday family life

Family cat Arnie tries to join in bed-time reading with mum Angie and her three children Credit: Doodlemum

A view of Pembrokeshire from space

A view of Pembrokeshire from the space balloon Credit: Dorian Pascoe

Lobster's lucky escape after chef's change of heart

The lobster was estimated to be between 40-50 years old Credit: ITV News Wales

A history lesson with a difference

Cardiff's prisoner-run restaurant

A wide variety of food is available at the restaurant, all cooked by inmates Credit: Carl Edwards,/ITV News Wales

Is your dog a star of the future?

Carl Edwards and canine pal Logan visited a centre that trains dogs for film and television work.

Celebrity tattoos

Marilyn Monroe is proving a popular choice for those getting a celebrity tattoo Credit: Wales News Service

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