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A flight of fancy!

Today Cardiff, tomorrow the World! Photo: Lynn Courtney

There was an urgent tapping on the door of the First Minister, Carwyn Jones.

The door opened and it was one of the FM's top economic advisors. Since the airport announcement just before Christmas, his brow was customarily decorated with a tiny bead of sweat and around the eye a slight twitch which became more obvious in times of stress.

What he saw on entering the room started the bead trickling down his forehead and into his eye. Or perhaps he was actually crying? To one side of the magnificent fifth floor table was spread a large map of the world, with coloured flags puncturing various destinations. Some long haul, some not. It looked like air traffic control. Absently, the FM was gluing the wing on an airfix model plane the wrong way round.

The advisor had popped in to talk about the Conservatives' debate, later this week. The Tories apparently were fuming about what they called the Nationalisation of Cardiff Wales Airport. They were calling for a debate on whether buying it would mean value for money. They also wanted to know if its purchase would benefit the taxpayer?

So, it was with this in mind that a little chat was on the cards. But it seems there was no need to worry because the FM had an audacious plan. A plan so daring that it would make even a hardened civil servant weep. A plan that couldn't fail to turn around the fortunes of the airport. A plan that would make Cardiff Wales airport a hub to the rest of the world and Anglesey. He was not only going to buy an airport but he was also going to buy an airline to go with it!

It would be called WAG AIRLINES and would become a name to be reckoned with around the globe.

He already had a slogan: 'Today Cardiff, tomorrow the World' and planned to employ the best of Welsh talent to make sure the project got successfully off the ground.

To make a real splash, he had invited one of Wales' top designers to head up the project. A man known on the fashion runways of New York, London, Paris, Munich and Milan. A man who would turn his remarkable skills to make WAG AIRLINES stand out from all the competition.

In a briefing letter he wrote:

Dear Top Welsh Designer,

I am saving up for an airport and plan to buy an airline to go with it.

Apart from the name WAG AIRLINES, you have a free hand in the design.

Yours etc etc

The FM

– The FM

The Top Welsh Designer smiled a happy smile.

True, he didn't know much about politics or indeed aircraft but he had travelled extensively and anyway what an honour to design the look of the first national airline of Wales.

Well, one didn't need to know about politics. The designs would flow from his intimate knowledge of the world of fashion.

Of course, he would take inspiration from the name of the new airline 'WAG AIRLINES.'

Now, what did the name conjure up? Well, of course, WAGs - the wives and girlfriends of footballers - were always glamorous. So perhaps quite a feminine look was called for?

Maybe a swirling pink for the exterior of the plane with diamond heart clusters on the wing? How lovely! Although, with a nod to austerity, perhaps he could economise with rhinestone? Or even coloured glass at a push? It would all be simply fab!

Why, even some of the top WAGs might come along to the launch! Maybe even Victoria Beckam. Now that would be something.

Wouldn't the FM be pleased!