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CCTV shows woman putting kitten into bag in Cardiff shop

Police say they are investigating CCTV images which show a woman in a shop picking up a kitten and putting it into her bag.

Carole Ivory, owner of Albany Pets in Roath, Cardiff, says she was looking after the pet for a friend. She's now calling for the animal's safe return.

Mike Griffiths reports.

I always go round checking the animals. It's just something you do. You monitor them all the time. I didn't see the kitten, who normally sleeps out there in his cage during the day and comes to life at night.

So I looked, kept looking everywhere, where he could be. The mother cat was there. And in the end I thought he isn't here, what could have happened. We looked at the CCTV.

You try and put these things out of your mind but when you take responsibility for a life you take responsibility.

I do feel I've really badly let that little kitten down


South Wales Police say the incident has been reported and investigations are ongoing.