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Nurses get 'mini-intervention' training for people with alcohol-related injuries

Wales has a problem with alcohol.

Each year binge drinking here costs the NHS £80m and now hospital staff are being encouraged to talk to problem drinkers about their habit.

The "Have a Word" campaign has already got underway in some Welsh hospitals and it's proving to be a success.

Pharmacists, midwives and dentists have already had the training. They learn to identify signs of alcohol misuse and how best to speak to those drinking at hazardous levels.

Around 1,600 have already been trained.

How did it happen, where were you, how much did you drink... it basically leads on to a structured conversation about how they can manage their behaviour in future.

It's not a lecture, and it's not telling people how to drink either. It's basically just making sure they don't end up in A&E again.

– Dr Paul Jordan, Cardiff University