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Snow and blizzard conditions to end the week!

An Amber warning of snow for Wales comes into play from 4.00am Friday, and currently remains in force until 6.00pm (although times are highly likely to change nearer the time!) Central and eastern parts of Wales in particular will be affected. A lower level "Yellow Warning" covers western areas. Here's a little overview of the next few days!

Lets go back to this term "Amber Warning". We colour-code warnings depending on a combination of both the likelihood of the event happening and the impact the conditions may have. A yellow warning means "Be Aware". An amber warning means "Be Prepared", and a red warning means "Take Action".

We have an amber warning of snow on Friday, which means you need to be prepared for the weather and take steps to change your plans and protect, you, your family and your community from the impacts of the severe weather. The yellow warning which covers western parts of Wales effectively warns you to be aware of the risks that severe weather - in this case snow, can bring.

To put a little more detail on that, as I explained in my forecast, it does look rather severe!

We have a band of wet weather which will push northeastwards across during the day on Friday. As it travels and hits the cold air that has settled across the UK this week, the rain will turn to snow. The heaviest snowfall is likely during Friday morning, as the frontal system weakens into the afternoon. Nevertheless accumulations of 10-15cm could occur quite widely, with the risk of 25cm or more over high ground. Around western coasts the we are expecting more in the way of rain, but snow is still possible. To compound matters we are expecting very strong winds, and so blizzard conditions are likely especially over hills and mountains.

The combination of rain, snow, strong winds and icy roads means that Wales could end the week with a fair amount of disruption. I wouldn't be surprised if some roads and schools closed, but we will keep you updated on this!

The good news is that councils across Wales have almost 250,000 tonnes of road grit to help us on our way, after a relatively mild start to this winter.

Don't forget that forecasting snow is not an exact science and the details above could change nearer the time.

A snowy end to the week Credit: Picture by Robert Griffiths