1. ITV Report

Sharp End 24th January 2013

The Prime Minister's stated aim of forging a new relationship between Britain and the European Union has sharpened divisions between and within the political parties. The First Minister says David Cameron's stance will create years of instability. But what does the most senior Conservative in the Assembly think? I've been asking Andrew RT Davies if he thinks the Prime Minister's right, if he's worried about the uncertainty the First Minister warns about and whether or not he'd campaign for a Yes or No vote in a referendum.

I've also been asking the Opposition leader more about his party's proposal to create a new network of state-owned business banks to try to speed up access to loans for small firms. What does this policy of state intervention tell us about the direction in which he's taking the Welsh Conservatives?

Owain Phillips reports on those proposals too as well as looking at Plaid Cymru's rival plan and the review the Welsh Government has launched into the same area.

Plenty to discuss with my studio guests who this week who this week are Vaughan Gething, Nick Ramsay and Eurfyl ap Gwilym.

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