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Wales This Week, Battles on the Home Front

They say your home is your castle, but what happens when it comes under threat? Photo: ITV News Cymru Wales

Barry man Ricky Canty has fought one of the longest campaigns in Welsh legal history - and he is still fighting.

Mr Canty, 63, spent years on the roof his former home in Raldan Close, and month after month on the street outside the Civil Justice Centre in Cardiff, a campaign which has been followed by Wales This Week for more than twelve years.

Tonight Ricky Canty talks to the programme about his latest efforts to overturn a bankruptcy order against him and his late mother.

Mr Canty's woes began in 1986 after a deal to sell land at the back of his house fell through. He managed to win back the land and the new house which had been built upon it, but he was to be made bankrupt during a fight over legal costs. He claims that the bankruptcy order was made in error.

During his fight against the legal system, he erected a small tent on the roof of his house and lived there for several years. Neighbours and relatives would deliver him food and supplies. They even held a birthday party for him while he protested above their heads.

Wales This Week gave him a camera during his protest and he filmed his life on the roof.

His family have backed him throughout but he has now been evicted from the house. In tonight's programme, though, he describes how he has no intention of giving up his protest.

The programme also features an astonishing story from Trimsaran, near Llanelli, where a couple's lives were turned upside-down by a neighbour dispute which was dragged on for years.

The couple took four of the neighbours to court over libellous signs that they erected near their property. They won their case, but the story is far from over.

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