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Laudrup's Barmy Army

Fans queue for Wembley tIckets at Swansea's Liberty Stadium Photo: ITV News

The queue for those precious tickets to Wembley Stadium snaked from the ticket office , right round the stands. There must have been over a thousand fans, desperate to get their hands on their passport to see one of the most historic events in the club's history. To be able to say they travelled to Wembley would be the stuff dreams are made of.

Despite the fact that many had waited for more than sixteen hours, setting up their pitch the night before, they were in great humour and great voice.

Some had brought their deck chairs , others hot drinks and many came with friends and family.

These one thousand fans must be the hard core that are known as the Jackarmy. The singers and drummers that turn up at every match. Laudrup's Barmy Army..

As Laudrup himself said , with such fantastic fans, its like having a twelfth player on the pitch