1. ITV Report

Sharp End 31st January 2013

Sharp disagreements in Sharp End tonight. The first row is over Europe. While the Prime Minister is looking to negotiate a new relationship with the European Union to include the return of some powers to the UK, the First Minister has been telling me why he thinks Wales is better off with those powers - and control over funding - remaining in Brussels rather than London.

The second disagreement is, on the surface, about the number of MPs and the size of the constituencies they represent. Of course it's about so much more than that and the political fallout of this week's defeat won't be clear for some time yet. Has it split the coalition? Has it guaranteed election victory for Labour? And what about plans to change the Assembly's voting system which were linked the Westminster proposals?

And the third row is also about something other than what it was about on the surface. The abolition of a quango won't mean much to many people. But in the case of the Agricultural Wages Board it's led to claims it would increase rural poverty and to extraordinary outbursts in the Senedd chamber.

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