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Sharp End February 7th 2012

There's a lot at stake in the disagreements we'll be covering in this week's Sharp End. The Prime Minister is determined to drive down the European Union's budget at the latest summit in Brussels and his success or failure in achieving that could have political implications for his own leadership and financial implications for Wales.

This week's vote on same-sex marriage will have longer term implications too, both political and in terms of the way society changes.

Financial decisions taken by governments in London and Cardiff are finally having a very visible impact on local councils here in Wales. As they cut back on services, you have to ask what are our councils for and should they change to deliver those services better. Our reporter Owain Phillips has been looking at what Welsh councils are proposing and has been to one English council - Hammersmith and Fulham - which has gone very far down the road of cutting, outsourcing and charging for services. What can Welsh authorities learn from its experience?

And we look at what the politicians need to do to safeguard the future of the Welsh language. The latest census figures show that the number of Welsh speakers and communities is declining. What's to blame and what has to change?

Plenty to discuss with my panel of guests who this week are the Assembly Opposition Leader, Andrew RT Davies, the Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black and the lawyer and writer Bethan Darwin.

Join us at 1035pm ITV Cymru Wales.

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