Your pictures of the week

Each week we receive hundreds of your pictures. Sometimes they're news related, more often they just reflect the beautiful and diverse country we live in. To show off these timely, arty, quirky and sometimes just odd pictures we're picking out some of the best to share with everyone.

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Dome at National Botanic Garden of Wales
National Botanic Garden of Wales Credit: Gareth Lovering

Much of the year the National Botanic Garden of Wales is awash with colour but in the dead of winter the dome stands out against it's rural setting.

The Boathouse
The Boathouse Credit: Matt Smith

At first this picture looks black at white, the contrast and lighting with the added mist hanging in the air at Tredegar House makes it feel moody and monochrome.

Condensation Trails
Condensation Trails Credit: Christopher James

Whilst Russia had one giant condensation trail caused by a meteorite this week, Wales had lots of little ones. Ours were caused by aircraft without the sonic boom!

Kingfisher sitting on a log
I spy with my little eye.... Credit: Christopher Dean

Ready to leap this kingfisher looks like he's eyeing up his next meal.

Cloud billows over the mountains
Y Garn & Foel Goch from Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia, North Wales Credit: Glyn Roberts

Saturday was cloudy for many places but there was some lovely sunshine around too, the clouds billowing over the tops of the hills adds to the dramatic looking picture.

Snowdrops in Swansea
Has Spring sprung? Credit: Eiona Roberts

Snowdrops feel like they're out later than in previous years... won't be long before the dafs and bluebells arrive