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First Minister's Questions

I'm the Boss! Photo: ITV News Cymru Wales

Well, it looks like having that business trip to San Francisco has done the FM the power of good. Only back Monday and there's a shopping list as long as your arm about further powers that can be devolved to Wales.

Just to think that as the rest of the outing was snoozing in their seats on the plane, Carwyn was hard at work scribbling his notes that caused such a talking point yesterday.

But it is clear that the leader of the opposition, Andrew RT Davies, is less than convinced of the benefit of all these trips, which gave rise to yet another row on the subject.

The crux of the row stemmed from RT's return to his worry over the fortunes of the High Streets of Wales. The vacancy rate is up you know and the footfall down. Given that Carwyn has returned from America with a spring in his step and a wish list for Wales, topped off by acquiring no less a force than the Police, it is possible that the FM could help to get our shoppers spending their hard earned cash.

But then, the row listed tangentially into a slanging match about the merits of Keynesian economics that then rapidly slipped into a row over Silk. Why hadn't RT submitted evidence to the Silk Commission? Carwyn seemed to think that it was because he was waiting for his leader the PM to return from India to sign it off. The exchange ended by Carwyn pointing to RT's trousers saying that all he did was carp and moan and sit on his backside! Gentlemen, Gentlemen!

Then it was Leanne Wood's turn to have a pop. This time the argument turned on whether it was the Welsh Government saying that matters affecting Wales should be decided in Wales? Or was it the party making these points to Silk ? After all what was the view of the Welsh MPs when it came to devolving matters like police and water, to name but two. Would these proposals be in Welsh Labour's next manifesto? Judge for yourself.

And like another voice wailing in a Greek chorus, Kirsty Williams also started to sing the same refrain about Welsh Labour. Was this week's submission to the Silk Commission the voice of Welsh Labour or was it the voice of the Welsh Government? Just who's shopping list was it sang the echo? The reply came bouncing back off the walls of the Siambr.