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Poll says Wales wants Britain to stay in EU

The poll shows a 7% majority for staying in the EU Photo: ITV News Cymru Wales

An ITV Cymru Wales/YouGov Opinion Poll for tonight's Sharp End suggests that Wales would vote for Britain to stay in the European Union if a referendum was held today.

  • Remain in the EU 42%
  • Leave the EU 35%
  • Don't Know/Won't Vote 22%

The most recent YouGov poll for the UK as a whole showed a 6% majority for staying in the EU. That was a turnround from a series of polls throughout 2012 showing a majority for leaving the European Union. David Cameron has said that he will hold a referendum if he's still Prime Minister after the next election but he wants to renegotiate the membership terms before he could recommend a 'yes' vote.

More Sharp End poll results, on how Wales would vote in Assembly, Westminster and European elections, will be published later today. YouGov polled a representative sample of 1007 people across Wales, 18-20 February.