1. ITV Report

Sharp End 21st February 2013

We'll be discussing the results of the latest ITV Cymru Wales/YouGov poll in this week's edition of Sharp End. You can find details of the results here. We'll be wondering what they tell us about the way opinion is changing here in Wales in European, Assembly and Westminster terms.

The First Minister has called for power over policing and a range of other responsibilities to be transferred to Wales within the next decade. It seems there's a consensus on this emerging, at least amongst the parties in Cardiff Bay. Someone who'll never sign up to that consensus is the woman who led the No campaign in 2011's referendum. Rachel Banner explains why she says this is exactly what she and other devo-sceptics warned against.

More than enough to keep my studio guests occupied. They are UKIP's MEP John Bufton, Labour MP, Wayne David and Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards.

Join us at 2250 on ITV Cymru Wales.

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