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MPs disagree over legal system calls

Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary Leader Elfyn Llwyd told MPs it's 'high time' that Wales has its own legal jurisdiction. He made the call during today's session of Wales Questions in the Commons. Welsh Secretary David Jones said he couldn't comment ahead of the report of the Silk Commission which is looking at the next steps for devolution.

However as you can see below, fellow Conservative MP David TC Davies and former Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan both had warnings about such a step. David Davies said it would be 'a disaster' while Cheryl Gillan raised the question of 'cost and implications.'

After I mentioned the exchange on twitter, Cheryl Gillan tweeted me to make her concerns more explicit. She said:

Cheryl Gillan MP ?@CherylGillanMP**@adrianmasters84** if a separate legal jurisdiction is established Wales will pay a heavy price..... we all await Silk Commission Part 2