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Llyn Mymbyr in sunshine and still winds Photo: Malcolm Davies

After a week of mainly gloomy weather, the sun put in an appearance. On Saturday, cloudless skies could be seen everywhere, at least at some point during the day. Llyn Mymbyr looked glassy smooth with no breeze around.

Conwy Castle in silhouette Credit: Glyn Roberts

A backlit Conwy Castle looks striking in silhouette framed by the mountains. The still water on the sandbanks provides partial reflection.

Flag it up! Credit: Richard Outram

It was nice to see St David's Day getting more airtime across the UK. Welsh flags were seen flying across the country.

Celebrating St David's Day 2013 Credit: Mark Hawkins

There were plenty of smiles on faces when people of all ages donned traditional Welsh dress to celebrate the National day.

Misty pond Credit: Ian Dyer

There's something strange about this picture... I find myself staring at the almost monochrome shot. Maybe it's the composition and angle of the picture that makes it feel almost 3D.

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