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Sharp End 7th March 2013

We're looking at two different types of power in tonight's Sharp End.

The first is political power and particularly the power wielded by the Welsh Government. Should it have more or less power to make decisions that affect us all here in Wales? The UK Government thinks it probably has about the right amount of power, but political parties here think otherwise, including the parties whose Westminster colleagues make up the UK Coalition Government.

I'll be discussing these questions with a panel of guests and in tonight's Sharp End interview with Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies.

Owain Phillips has been to Ireland where politicians from Wales and their counterparts from the rest of the UK and Ireland have been looking at a plan which could see Irish windpower being harnessed to provide much-needed energy here.

My studio guests who this week are Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd MP, the Conservative AM Suzy Davies. And the former Welsh Government special adviser turned political consultant, Cathy Owens.

Join us at 2245 ITV Cymru Wales.

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