Your pictures of the week

Blue skies in the Brecon Beacons
Taf Fechan Reservoir Photo: Mike Davies

Whilst it was cold and grey for much of the week there was some blue sky about. That sky reflects off the calm waters of the reservoir.

Rhuddlan Castle
Rhuddlan Castle Credit: Colin Savage

I tried to use this on the weather forecasts on Saturday.... Unfortunately it "fizzed" on screen, so I thought I'd give it an airing here.

Church in the setting sun
Church in the setting sun Credit: Roger aka "Caradius"

The arty shot of the week I think goes to this shot of All Saint's Church in Barry.

Double rainbow
Double rainbow Credit: Simon Whitney

Admittedly this shot wasn't taken in the last few days, but I'll let Simon off. Not many sunny spells amongst the gloom this week.

Sheep on grassy knoll
Keep your winter coats handy! Credit: Jane Baker

These sheep have got the right idea.... dress appropriately for the weather. As the weather is bitterly cold at the moment their winter coats fit the bill.