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Business leader warns transport links not good enough

One of Wales' biggest employers, Admiral, warned transport links in the South East of the country are not good enough.

David Stevens, the Chief Operating Officer at the insurance firm which employs 5,000 people in South Wales, says many people are held back by poor transport link, particularly in the Valleys.

It comes on the day that a task force set up by the Welsh Government to work on improving transport infrastructure delivered its first interim report.

The South Wales Integrated Transport Task Force said it aims to "develop a vision of sustainable modern integrated public transport system", which it said could help "economic growth and job creation" and improve "accessibility for economically inactive people to employment centres, and also promoting social cohesion and reducing poverty."

Last year, it was announced that the electrification of the Great Western Line from London Paddington will continue to Swansea, and the Valleys lines will also be electrified.

The investment, worth £350m, will start between 2014 and 2019.

Cardiff could have a metro system similar to Manchester's Metrolink. Credit: PA

However, the task force expressed doubt over the most high-profile transport plans for South East Wales, a rapid transit metro system.

It said the plans "require significant technical developments and value for money consideration."

It will release its full report and recommendations for improving transport links next month.