1. ITV Report

First Minister's Questions

Leader of the Opposition ,Andrew RT Davies Photo: ITV News

Well, its good to know that the leader of the Opposition Andrew RT Davies has not been idle!

Oh no ! Quite the contrary. He's been firing off freedom of information questions to every council in Wales. Why you may ask? So that he can flummox the First Minister with the news that some one hundred thousand households in Wales received letters around Christmas time telling them that their council tax benefit would be cut. Letters which were never followed up with the good news that it wouldn't! All those poor people trapped in some ghastly limbo , thin voices wailing, never to hear that they had been saved from penury all thanks to Carwyn Jones. Dreadful ! But he didn't seem too contrite especially when RT wrung his hands about the cost of sending these letters out to that most endangered of endangered species, The Rate Payer !

Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood was next on her feet, concerned about the effects of welfare reform. Keen to know whether any future Labour Government at Westminster would reverse the ''bedroom tax'' which is causing some controversy, there followed a tangled web of words between her and the FM which arrived at a deliberately wrong conclusion.

When the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams got to her turn , she wanted to question the FM on her research which showed that sixty thousand Welsh school children were being taught in Educational authorities that were under special measures. She started by quizzing Carwyn Jones on the statistics with more misunderstandings.

Kirsty wanted to know what action was being taken to help children being educated in areas of special measures? The answer was quite straight forward. The Education Minister wanted to make sure the problems were identified and would then assist schools to improve. That's alright then!