Another week of cold weather didn't stop viewers taking amazing pictures

Daffodils showing signs Spring is almost here
Spring has sprung, well almost Photo: Kath Wills

In what is turning into a regular feature... this weeks contribution to Daff-watch is from Kath Wills. So far the weather seems to have kept bulk of the flowers below ground. Hopefully the big explosions of colour will come along this week.

Lonely lamb grateful for his wooly coat
Where's my mum? Credit: Wyn Edwards

'And the cutest picture of the week award goes to'... Wyn Edwards. Always nice to find a picture to make you go "ahhhhhhhhh".

Dramatic landscape
Dramatic landscape Credit: Paul Higginson

Here in Wales we can occasionally suffer from FSF more commonly known as Fabulous Scenery Fatigue. A geographical condition that allows people to point a camera in almost any direction and take a beautiful picture!

Lake Vyrnwy Dam
Lake Vyrnwy Dam Credit: Darren Turner

We have many reservoirs and dams in Wales but Lake Vyrnwy's is one of the most ornate with its castellated crest. A magnificent piece of engineering bathing in springlike sunshine, but I bet it was still cold!

Big waves crash against the shore
Blue skies maybe, but strong winds bring big waves Credit: Bev Carruthers

There's something about big crashing waves that makes even sensible people suddenly engage in 'wet roulette'. That desire to see how close you can get to the water's edge with without getting soaked. Maybe Bev cheated and and used a zoom lens!

Birds nest in Cilfrew Woods, Neath
'I've been waiting for you!' Credit: Mike Davies

I think Mike is permanently attached to his camera to get shots like these. He was either very lucky or had been stalking this bird's nest for a while!