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Answer me that, First Minister!

First Minister Carwyn Jones showing the way forward Photo: ITV News

How one man can be expected to be able to answer so many questions on such a wide range of subjects I will never know. And this week , with a recess in prospect, the questions to the First Minister came thick and fast, causing him to twist and turn and bat them away with more than usual agility. In fact it made me wonder if he played on a Wi at home. Perhaps he plays table tennis ? Or maybe Guitar Hero? But either way those answers were certainly at the ready.

It was the leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood who had first go this week. It's done in rotation you know, so that everyone gets a fair turn.

Of course, the budget hung in the air like a grey cloud, and Leanne was concerned about how Wales would fare?

It was a question posed by the way this morning by one of the party's bright economic lights, Ieuan Wyn Jones who was calling for the announcement of a Barnet floor fixed at a level suggested by the Holtham Report. He was also looking for the transference of minor taxes such as air passenger duty to help us all out. Although I'm not quite sure how that would help us out as no one much flies from Cardiff anymore. But still.

Here's Leanne.

Earlier, in a press briefing , the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats had also turned her attention to the budget calling for the Coalition Government to take the income tax threshold up to ten thousand pounds, a key manifesto commitment of her party in the 2010 General Election.

But it was concerns over budgets of a different kind-that of the community health boards that led Kirsty to inquire why the change of Health Minister with so much work left to complete?

This was her question , followed by a clipped answer.

Next was the leader of the Opposition with his now customary round of applause as he stood to ask his questions. His mind on the Economy , he was curious to know how business could have confidence in a Minister for the Economy ,Edwina Hart , known for her left wing views. it could only lead to trouble! And it did. With RT Davies damning himself with faint praise.