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Spring Equinox!

At 11.02am this morning, the sun crossed the Equator. And that marked what we call the "Spring Equinox".

For the next six months, the days will be longer than the nights, and we shall all have a little added spring in our steps! Well, that's the theory.

First steps! Credit: Wyn Edwards

In practice, however, we continue to shiver beneath several layers of clothing. Some flowers have bravely poked their little heads through, and the bravest of animals are making the best of it. But our weather forecasts continue to warn of ice, snow and severe wind-chill.

Brave little Crocus Credit: Gareth Lovering

The statistics are enough to make anyone shiver! So far, March 2013 has been colder than both this winter's December and January.

Seagulls enjoying the Spring sunshine! Credit: Ken Savage

The average temperature (day and night combined) for the UK this March to date is currently around 3C. It should normally be nearer 6C.

A lazy lie-in for this little foal! Credit: Taracy

The chill really set in during February, and winter has dragged on ever since.

Winter just a whisker away! Credit: rospix

So for the time-being, winter seems reluctant to disappear, but this time of year is generally a tough transition to make. Don't worry, the weather will catch up with itself and hopefully we'll be basking in some warm Spring sunshine soon!