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Wales in a Changing UK

Union Flag alongside the Red Dragon at the Senedd Photo: ITV Cymru Wales

This is a series of articles looking at the question of how much power Wales should have over its own affairs, what effect events in Scotland have on change here and what impact change in both countries will have on the make-up of the United Kingdom in future.

It's a big discussion and there are wide differences of opinion. Below you'll find links to provide you with a good introduction to the debate.

Click here for the views of Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies. He argues against holding a constitutional convention that he fears wouldn't take into account the views of England.In the shorter term he backs the transfer of taxation powers to Wales saying it would 'force responsibility.'

If you click here you can read the view of Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards who agrees with the idea of a convention but for very different reasons.

And here, Labour Assembly Member Mick Antoniw explains why he thinks change in the current 'dysfunctional' system is long overdue.

The first article saw Conservative blogger Henry Hill set out the Unionist case for a Constitutional Convention to discuss fully what changes, if any, there should be to the way the nations of the UK are governed. You can read it here.

These articles are meant to encourage the debate about the way Wales is run. You can send your comments on twitter to me - @adrianmasters84 - and I'll aim to include your thoughts in future updates.