Your pictures of the week

Frolicking sheep
Piggy back lambs, "We're ready for our photograph now!" Photo: Ciara Owens

Ok, I used this on the weather last week, but you've got to admit these guys are cute! It looks like they were posing for their picture to be taken. Ciara gets the award for "Ahhhhhhh" picture of the week.

Dry weather led to a number of fires across Wales
Grass fires in parts of Wales Credit: Gareth Lovering

The cold wasn't the only way the weather made the headlines recently. Whilst March was unusually cold, breaking records in parts of the country, it was also unusually dry in many places. This led to grass fires that lit up the night sky.

Snow on Welsh mountains
Lying snow remains at higher levels across Wales Credit: Roger Franks

Whilst the weather turned a little less cold for many parts, you only needed to head to higher ground to realise just how cold it still is. The cold has meant the snow has melted rather too slowly for some.

Baby lamb trying to avoid the cold
Lamb not fond of the snow Credit: Annmarie Meredith

Or does this one win the cute pic of the week? This little one doesn't seem to like the snow does he (or she!)?

Sunset from Southerndown
It was cold, but at least there was some spring sunshine around Credit: Paula James

It was bracing at the best of times this past week but the sun did put in an appearance. Fingers crossed some warmer weather is on the way... but it looks like it won't be this week.