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Controversy over tourism plans for Tenby island

St Catherine's Island has been closed to the public since the 1970s. Photo: Artist's impression

Plans to turn an historic island off the Pembrokeshire coast into a tourist attraction are causing controversy in the seaside town of Tenby.

St Catherine's Island is one of Tenby's most recognisable landmarks. It has been closed to the public since the 1970s when it was home to a zoo.

Now a developer wants to open up the island and Napoleonic fort on top of it. The scheme would include the building of a bridge from the mainland to the island.

The plans have upset a number of local residents who say the bridge would spoil the dramatic views. They have also expressed concerns about the increase in traffic.

However the scheme does have its supporters including Henry Langen, the chairman of the Pembrokeshire Access Group. He says it would open up the island to disabled people – who he says are a significant source of tourists.

Peter Prosser, the developer behind the scheme, says they are currently consulting with public and private bodies about the scheme. He says the proposed bridge is designed to fit in with the environment.

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