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No more Page Three !

Rebecca Evans quizzes the First Minister on Page Three Photo: ITV News

There were all sorts of questions for the First Minister. They ranged from concerns over neonatal care to questions on the economy, the role of women in the workforce and the campaign to ban Page Three models.

It was Rebecca Evans who put the FM on the spot about the campaign.

But the first of the party leaders to get up to ask the weekly set of questions ,was none other than Master of Ceremonies, that quizzer of questions, that wizzard of words, that essence of erudition , Andrew RT Davies who was confiding in us hacks earlier that really he should be first every week. In fact, he called it daft that there was a rotation of order of speakers each week. So this week, being first, he was more than pleased and launched into a scathing attack on the collapse of the Welsh Government's mortgage guarantee scheme. Ooh , he got short shrift from the FM

Plaid's attention this week was trained on the Economy. Concerns were raised over the under employment of some of our workers. Plaid's debate tomorrow, lead by Jocelyn Davies leading on from this , deals with the role of Women in the Workplace. This of course also ties in with the launch also tomorrow of the Chwarae Teg report ' A Woman's Place ' which will be unveiled at the Pierhead building and which has been trumpeted by the Bevan Foundation, somewhat like a review on Time Out magazine as '' A landmark report , which should-and indeed must-shape Welsh Public Policy for the Next Decade '

But back to FMQ's and Plaid leader Leanne Wood wanted to know what the Welsh Government was doing to tackle job creation. She listed a series of initiatives that she claimed came from Plaid but the FM had other ideas.

But it was Kirsty Williams, last in the pecking order this week who wanted to return to the subject of what the Liberal Democrats are calling the collapse of the mortgage guarantee scheme.

The FM had announced an interim scheme to help first time buyers. Kirsty wanted to be sure that this wouldn't be built on shaky foundations too.