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Your Spring pictures

What are you looking at? Photo: Mike Davies

Cute picture of the week goes to Mike Davies for his picture of fallow deer at Margam Park. Curious little chaps aren't they?

Bluebells in Laugharne Credit: Taracy aka Tracy on Flickr

We're already in May and bluebells have been few and far between. However, they're finally arriving. So far Tracy spotted them in Laugharne, and another viewer, Paul Forsythe, spotted them in generally they appear to be arriving in the south west of Wales. So far I haven't spotted a native bluebell!

Weeds can still look pretty Credit: Mel Garside

It's been staggering how many dandelions there have been this spring but at least the pesky weed brings some welcome colour.

Ladybird on pear blossom Credit: Glyn Roberts

The warmer weather is really encouraging the blossom on trees. This ladybird is happily enjoying what this pear tree has to offer.

Baby fox in the undergrowth Credit: Darren Harries

Uh ohh - another contender for cute picture of the week. This picture of Darren's definitely has the 'Ah' Factor

Damp gosling drying out in the sunshine Credit: Michelle Keohane

Not another one. It's been a strong week for cute pictures, this time a gosling drying out in the spring sunshine after a swim with his mum.

A hat trick of 'Ah' Factor pictures this week, so I'll let you choose the winner.

Keep your pics coming in, via Flickr, email or twitter and we'll show the best here and on the weather forecasts. More blossom and bluebell pictures from across Wales please for next weeks hand picked selection!!

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