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Cardiff man who grabbed thief's trousers gets £100

Christopher Newbury, 56, was rewarded for his actions Photo: Wales News Service

A Cardiff man has been given a £100 reward by a judge for stopping a break-in by pulling the burglar's trousers down.

Christopher Newbury, 56, grabbed the intruder by the leg after catching him during a break-in at his home in Grangetown.

He then held on to the intruder's trousers, pulling them down as he tried to leave the house.

The young man left the property in his underwear, while Christopher was left holding his trousers to hand over to police.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how the young man handed himself in after realising his DNA was on the pair of trousers.

Mohammed Ali, 21, from Cardiff, was jailed for two years and eight months after he admitted burglary, assault and criminal damage.

Christopher was commended by the judge who gave him £100 from public funds for his actions. He said: "I was determined to hang onto him... I grabbed hold of his trouser leg - and they just came down. He just stepped out of them and ran away in his underwear. But I was left holding the evidence."