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Piggy in the middle

Iggle Piggle has had the wool pulled over her eyes - she thinks she's a lamb! Photo: Wales News Service

A piglet in Brecon has grown up thinking she's a lamb - after being 'bullied' by other pigs.

The 10-week-old piglet, Iggle Piggle, was stopped from feeding on her mother's milk by other pigs in her littler. So the little pig was moved into a field with lambs instead.

The tiny pig now lives, plays and sleeps with the lambs in their pen - and she's become an adopted member of the family.

Her owner, Gwen Evans, said: "She was the smallest of the litter of nine and was being bullied by the rest and deprived of her mother's milk. She would have died if we had not decided to bottle feed her with the lambs.

"Now she thinks she's a lamb - frolicking with them in a very unpiglike way!"