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Carwyn Jones and the Temple of Doom

Carwyn Jones in top form at First Minister's Questions Photo: ITV News Wales

There is no doubt that in another life, our First Minister Carwyn Jones could have had a career as a stand up comedian. The poise , the quips and the timing of those reposts and put downs.

I would like to say he is the comedian to the Andrew RT Davies straight man. But that's not strictly true. Because RT has a comedy talent all of his own as well.

This afternoon, RT started off with the conundrum. When is a business park not a business park? The answer ? When its Parc St Cybi's on Anglesey!

Apparently , the Welsh Government has spent the princely sum of twenty one million pounds on the development. That includes 7 million on infrastructure and 5 million on an electricity substation.

That's an impressive spend until you realise that not one business has yet to be located there!

RT, of course , was puffed up with rage at this and hissing like a puff adder demanded to know the reason for this white elephant?

The answer was deft.

Archaeology !

Yes , that's what the FM said.

Archaeology !

It was then with a verbal lurch to the right , that our expert on Archaeology, Carwyn Jones, went on to further demonstrate his way with words. Turning to his advantage the recent hoo ha of the much trumpeted '' swivel eyed loon saga'' , the FM pointed out the extraordinary fact that the phrase is an anagram of 'Slowly Demonise Dave '' Ooh spooky !

Plaid leader Leanne Wood turned her attention this week to the Health service in Wales. In particular she wanted to know the future of Accident and Emergency Units across South Wales.

A reasonable question in that an announcement is expected shortly about how they might be reorganised.

Leanne quoted figures from the Assembly's Research service and told us that patients visiting A and E departments had risen by seventy thousand last year bringing the total number to eight hundred thousand visitors per year. Added to that , given the future prospect of an ageing population what reason could there be for reducing the number of A and E Units in South Wales? But Carwyn Jones sidestepped the issue.

When it came to Kirsty Williams turn, it was visitors of a different kind that occupied her attention. She wanted to know why it was that while thousands of pounds was being spent on attracting tourists to Wales that visitor numbers were down? According to Carwyn it was the weather!

The weather ! He got short shrift and a reminder of his resemblance to a certain weatherman!!