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Spring's over, summer's here, your pictures mark the change in seasons

Mirror image of Bala Lake Photo: Wyn Edwards

The weather seems to be finally behaving (at least for now). With high pressure building comes lighter winds and less choppy waters on Lake Bala. Wyn captured the glass-like Lake Bala beautifully in this shot.

Windmill at Llancayo Credit: Steve Liptrot

Keeping with the wind theme. No wind means no milling!

A little rain, a little sun turns the countryside lush and green Credit: Maxine Abbot

The weather we've had the last few weeks may have been a little disappointing, but sunshine and rain turns the countryside a lush green colour at this time of year.

Red kites circling overhead Credit: Christopher James

An almost sinister looking shot of red kites circling overhead like vultures! A case of Christopher being in the right place at the right time. Unless of course he had some food for them!

Spaniel bounding through the bluebells Credit: Emma Howell-Williams

The cute picture of the week goes to Emma this week for this shot. She caught this mid-air shot of Charlie the spaniel as he bounded through the bluebells. For some reason the TV-theme tune from Black Beauty pops into my head!

You can check out thousands of pictures and share your own on our Flickr pages. Just search ITV Wales Your Pictures and peruse at your leisure. We now have over 40,000 pictures there and it's the easiest way to get your pictures selected here and on the weather.

Happy snapping!

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