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'Crisis and complacency' -Lib Dem leader accuses First Minister

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Photo: ITV News Wales

I can't say I'd noticed it before, but it seems Kirsty Williams now has a mobile mini plastic lectern of her own as she grills the First Minister during FMQ's. How handy and convenient. An ideal place to stack up those facts and figures when you're entering into the fray.

Unlike the First Minister who leans laconically on his podium , Kirsty grips her lectern with the same determination that she asks her questions. A determination not to be fobbed off.

It was her turn to lead off today and she returned to the subject of the Health Service.

The list of the Welsh Government's failing on health recited by Kirsty Williams are eye watering.

According to her ,Carwyn Jones's Government has missed its ambulance response times for the eleventh successive month. She went on to lament that Wales has the worst service in Mainland UK. Then there followed a grim list of more accusations. She claimed that the Government hasn't met its cancer waiting targets for 5 years and A and E is twice as bad as in England. When will the Welsh Government give the people of Wales the service they deserve?

That was the question she posed but what would be the answer?

And there was more. Labour in Westminster were dragged into it as well.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones had this to say in response.

Of course, the Leader of the Opposition, Andrew RT Davies, happily continued the list of shortcomings in the Health Service. But Carwyn Jones engineered a sharp change of course and niftily steered the subject round to that of the airport. The airport ! That 52 million pound bone of contention frequently referred to by Conservatives at the Assembly. RT has often said that the cash would be better spent on other more pressing things such as cancer drugs. He wasn't at all keen at seeing Cardiff Wales Airport placed into public ownership. But now according to the FM, The Leader of the Opposition was making a U turn,quite unlike another in his party!

Finally, It was Plaid Leader, Leanne Wood's turn, Again it was the Health Service that topped her agenda. In particular, she spoke with some passion about the campaign to save services at the Royal Glamorgan hospital. Tempers got so frayed that the Deputy Presiding officer, David Melding who was in charge today, had to step in with a stern rebuke.What fun !