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A week of summer - your pictures

Turtle enjoying the sunshine Photo: Sue Hurst

Meet Ted the turtle (apparently that's his name), he was enjoying the sunshine at Llanelli Wetland Centre. Ted shows us the just how strong the sun has been, his shell is peeling already!

Cardiff Bay at Sunset Credit: Mal Durbin

Mal uploaded plenty of pictures this week, but it was this picture of the Pierhead building in silhouette caught my eye. The sky looked amazing graduating from yellow and orange to blue.

Cygnets waiting for mum Credit: Anglesonian on Flickr

The 'ahhhhhhhhh' picture of the week goes to Anglesonian... These cygnets couldn't look any more cute if they tried. Hopefully the photographer didn't get attacked my one of their parents.

Snowdon - The Glyders Credit: Kevin O'Brian

The settled weather has given us some clear skies and dramatic sunsets, but this shot with the sun behind Kevin's lens lights The Glyders beautifully.

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