Mixed weather, great pictures

Seagull in Barmouth
Seagull in Barmouth Photo: Joanne Edwards

If I've learned anything over the years about seagulls near popular seaside destinations, it's that seagulls are some of the boldest birds you're likely to meet. This is especially the case if you're holding a bag of chips. It looks like an altercation might have been on the cards had Joanne taken a step closer!

Rainbow against dark skies
Rainbow against dark skies Credit: Paul Higginson

Sunshine and showers often sounds like a 'cover-all' description in weather forecasts, but we've often seen those conditions over the last few days. The result of the sunshine and showers are shots like Paul's - a colourful rainbow against a filthy monochrome sky.

Water discharging from a dam
I think we've got a leak! Credit: Gareth Thomas

Hopefully this was a deliberate release of water. If not, I think someone might struggle to put the plug back in! Now... where's my shampoo?

Puffin on Skomer
Is this my better side? Credit: Tracy Carlton

A bit of a bird theme developing this week. Many of you appear to have made a trip to Skomer recently as there have been plenty of puffin pictures uploaded to our Flickr stream. This one amused me - it looks like he or she posing for his picture.

Meadow at Erddig Hall
Meadow at Erddig Hall Credit: Bev Carruthers

Finally, just something to remind us we have seen some sunshine this week. Erddig Hall basked in sunshine, as did the summer flowers in the meadow.

Thanks for all the pictures, and happy snapping in the days ahead. Don't forget to share your pictures with us on our Flickr stream - just search for ITV Wales Your Pictures, email us or tweet any of us weather presenters!