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Mark Wallace talks Glamorgan legends, ICC Champions Trophy and what Abergavenny CC means to him

Mark Wallace on the pitch Photo: Huw John Photography

The past year has been an absolute whirlwind for me. Glamorgan Club Captain, PCA Chairman and now it’s my benefit year; it’s certainly been a hectic one, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve been enjoying every minute of 2013, everything we’ve done has been so rewarding. Even though we haven’t always been getting the results we’ve deserved, it’s a fantastic feeling to see your team play such brilliant cricket. I’m proud of that.

I think we generally have had a stronger side this year – we are all so determined to show exactly what we are made of. Players like Michael Hogan have been incredible to watch: he’s been outstanding with the ball, playing some fantastic cricket. It’s great to show off the talent the team has, and our performances have been substantially better in both competitions already.

We have a lot to look forward to as a team. We’re in good stead for Twenty20, with some superb overseas signings. Captain-wise I’m being given a break for it; so it will be a chance for me to take a step back and just enjoy playing the game! There are some excellent members on this year’s team, and a few different options for who will open the batting: I won’t be disheartened if it’s not me, I’m just excited to take part.

Mark Wallace says the last 12 months have been "a whirlwind" Credit: Huw John Photography

Its been a big year for the club too with the Champions Trophy in Cardiff. My team to look out for the tournament were the dark horses New Zealand, mainly because the impact of Brendon McCullum, who spent some time with Glamorgan a few years ago. I loved the way he went about his cricket and the way he does things. If Nathan follows the way his brother Brendon plays then he will be a great addition to the Glamorgan squad for T20.

I’m fortunate that this year is also my benefit year. There’s going to be a special T20 game (before the first game in Cardiff) in support of it. Glamorgan players past and present are coming together in my home club of Abergavenny for one final match: as you can imagine, this means a huge deal to me. It’s amazing to see the support already, and I’m excited to see what the game holds.

There are some real legends coming along. I’m looking forward to seeing our old coach, Matthew Maynard, back in the middle again. Saying that, we’re all pretty excited to play with our current coach, Steve Watkin: it will be good to see him get on the bowling balls one more time!

It’s an incredible feeling to have the game held at Abergavenny. I grew up with the club: it’s where my father played, so it has some brilliant memories. It’s been a massive part of my upbringing, and was the first place I played as a junior: it’s the epitome of home for me!

To see other players progress through the ranks there has been a pleasure. Michael Powell and Geraint Jones (who both now play for Kent) started at Abergavenny CC and they’re both absolute legends; the club clearly has the magic touch!