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NHS anniversary: Tell us your stories

The NHS marks its 65th anniversary next month and we're keen to hear your views on the service in Wales Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The National Health Service will be 65 years old in July - and we'd like to hear your experiences of it here in Wales.

As part of our anniversary coverage onscreen and online, we'll be bringing you some special features looking at the triumphs and the challenges of today's NHS.

How have you found using the Welsh NHS? For example, do you have any stories - good or bad - about the following areas?

  • GP appointments
  • Waiting for an ambulance
  • Accident & Emergency treatment
  • Operating times
  • Hospital stays
  • Bed shortages
  • Memorable or standout care received

You can share your Welsh NHS experiences with us by email -

You can also get in touch via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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