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Cardiff cat becomes a real puss in boot

Chipz was trapped in the car for over 24 hours Photo: Wales News Service

A family cat became a real 'puss in boot' after getting herself stuck inside the back of her owner's sports car.

Chipz the cat managed to wriggle inside the boot lining of the car, getting herself trapped in the bodywork.

Owner Rachel Tritschler, who lives in Cardiff, had to call the fire brigade to help cut the cat free, causing more than £1,000 damage to the car.

Rachel said: "Chipz prowls about the place like she owns it. She's always loved little cubby holes and hide away places. But she's never found her way into the car's boot until now."

Rachel says she thought she'd heard Chipz miaowing the night before, but hadn't thought anything of it. She only discovered that the moggy was trapped when her partner heard noises coming from inside the car.

The couple tried to free her, but in the end the fire service were called.

The fire fighters cut open the side panel of the vehicle and pulled the frightened cat to freedom.

Chipz, who escaped with minor injuries, is expected to make a full recovery - but her owners say she'll be staying away from the car.