1. ITV Report

Sharp End July 11th 2013

Politicians' pay is something that always gets people going and the news that MPs could get a big pay rise has brought it to the forefront once again. Are they worth it? What about Assembly Members?

Money is at the root of big questions over Labour's relationship with the trades unions. Opponents claim the financial link gives them undue influence over Labour politicians and policy and Ed Miliband says he's determined to renew it. For the Sharp End interview I've been talking about these matters to Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith. I've also asked him if the relationship is particularly cosy between the unions and the Labour Welsh Government.

And the Police and Crime Commissioners haven't been in post for a year yet but they're already hitting the headlines and not necessarily in a good way. MPs on the Welsh Affairs Select Committee had an opportunity to quiz them this week. We'll talk about them tonight.

My studio guests are three AMs: the Conservative Antoinette Sandbach, Labour's Mick Antoniw and the Liberal Democrat Peter Black.

Join us at 1035pm ITV Cymru Wales.

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