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Tug of War - and the battle of the young farmers

Gwent young farmers practising for the Tug of War event Photo: ITV News

If you thought Tug of War was just a game of fun, you'd be wrong.

It's a sport that's is taken very seriously by young farmers, who 'pull' against other clubs each year at the Royal Welsh Show. I'm told that there is no competition "quite like it" when it comes to atmosphere - and with so much riding on their success, the teams train hard.

Gwent young farmers have a boys' and girls' team and practice there times a week, using a pully system known as the gantry. There are even special boots to help them out. Winning, however, is not just down to strength - it is all about the skill of the team.

Nine counties will be represented within the Tug of War competition, so you can expect numerous rounds of frustration and success.

It might not be all about strength - but the teams will need good stamina if they're going to beat their rivals.