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Ospreys stars of their own 'chick flick'

The chicks were a surprise for staff and volunteers at the Dyfi Osprey project in mid Wales when they hatched in July.

Now four weeks old both youngsters have now almost completely lost their white downy feathers. Both chicks will be ringed next week.

The parent ospreys, named Monty and Glesni, became a breeding pair for the first time this year after Monty’s previous partner of two years, Nora, did not return from her African migration. As a result of the late pairing, the two eggs were later than average.

Just four weeks ago the chicks were a couple of balls of fluff. Credit: Dyfi Osprey project

There are only two pairs of ospreys breeding in Wales and these two chicks will hopefully migrate to Africa in September and return in three or four years' time to breed for themselves.

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