1. ITV Report

Wales weather: a distinctly autumnal feel...

Monday started with fine sunshine for the northern third of Wales which extended down into west Wales, elsewhere it was a greyer start with some light rain around. After a decent day on Tuesday, the rest of the week is set to be a damper affair.

This afternoon the cloud evens out such that everywhere will have seen some bright or sunny spells by the end of the day. Expect some showers around, mainly across the eastern side of Wales. There's a distinctly autumnal feel to the weather with highs for many in the mid-teens.

The best of the temperatures will be in the south east where we could reach 18-20C.

Tonight will be mainly clear spells. A freshening northerly breeze will keep things cool but not too chilly. The odd shower may skirt western parts of Wales from time to time, but it will be dry elsewhere.

Tuesday will be mainly dry and bright with the odd shower further west. Again it will be rather breezy and cool feeling with highs of around 15-16C for many but could reach up to 18C.