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First Minister's Questions

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Photo: ITV News

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams was occupied with the benefits of free school meals today at First Minister's Questions. She pointed out that the Deputy Prime Minister had announced that all year one and two reception classes in England were entitled to a free hot meal at lunchtime so would our First Minister committ his Government to doing the same?

Kirsty Williams told Carwyn Jones that evidence shows that such meals for all, take away the stigma of only some children being entitled to them, that free meals improve nutrition and save hard pressed parents some four hundred pounds a year. What did the FM make of that then?

The First Minister then went on to say that the Welsh Government could not afford the cost of both free school breakfasts and lunches and that arguably that as all primary school children in Wales have a free breakfast the situation here was better than that in England,

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Rt Davies, arrived back in the bubble from his Party Conference in Manchester. Whilst there , he made his views known on the Chancellor George Osborne's plans to make the long term unemployed do community work for their benefits, something RT thought was a good thing as it gave those on the dole some structure to their lives and some experience of work.

But back in the Bay , he turned his attention to the NHS. He called on the First Minister to launch an independent Keogh style inquiry into standards of patient care in our hospitals. His offer was declined on the basis that it wasn't needed and the million pounds it would cost could be money better spent elsewhere.

The Leader of Plaid Cymru , Leanne Woods also focused her attention on the Health Service in Wales. She criticised the FM on ambulance waiting times and cancer waiting lists . She asked him if he accepted that there were problems in the NHS or she wanted to know was he still in denial?