1. ITV Report

Sharp End October 3rd 2013

Next week, the Welsh Government will set out its spending plans for the coming year. We are told that difficult decisions are being taken. All the signs are that spending on health will be made a priority which will inevitably mean much less for every other department.

There's also the fact that Labour will have to do a deal with one or more of the opposition parties in order to get its draft budget passed. There's no sign of agreement yet but we'll try to read the runes.

We'll also hear how the continuing funding squeeze could make it extremely difficult for the Welsh Government to carry on paying students' tuition fees to the extent it has been.

Plenty to discuss with my studio guests who this week are the Shadow Education Minister, Angela Burns AM, the Convenor of Welsh Fabians, Dan Lodge and the Liberal Democrat AM, Eluned Parrott.

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