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Leaders Interviews

The annual conference season gives those of us who report on the political parties chance to see them up close, to see what's bothering them and what they hope to achieve in the months and years to come.

It's also chance for me to speak to each of the party leaders. Below you can see this year's interviews - in strict chronological order.

The season isn't over yet. Plaid Cymru's conference takes place this weekend and I'll update this page when I've spoken to its leader Leanne Wood.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

In this interview, the Deputy Prime Minister blamed Conservative ministers for the delay in a decision on transferring some tax and borrowing powers to the Welsh Government. But he refused to tell me whether or not he blamed the Welsh Secretary specifically. He began by recognising the success of the carrier bag charge in Wales which, he said, influenced his own plan to introduce a similar levy in England.

Labour leader Ed Miliband

The Labour leader Ed Miliband told me that he's 'very open' to the idea of transferring control of policing to Wales. It had been reported that the UK leadership was against the move which was proposed by the Labour Welsh Government.

We also spoke about the Scottish Independence referendum and, to begin with, concerns that his plan to freeze energy bills could hit plans for a new nuclear power station on Anglesey.

Conservative leader David Cameron

When I spoke to the Prime Minister I wanted to know more about the delayed response to the Silk Commission recommendations on tax and borrowing powers but he refused to say when that response would come, despite my best efforts. I began though by challenging his repeated criticism of the Welsh Government's handling of the NHS.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood

At her conference in Aberystwyth, Leanne Wood unveiled no fewer than six new policies. In this interview I challenge two of them and ask her what chances there are of her forming a coalition government with Conservatives.