1. ITV Report

Rain on the way

It's been a terrific Tuesday with plenty of sunshine around for the bulk of Wales. Unfortunately it's going to be a rather wet Wednesday.

Overnight temperatures drop off quickly in the first half, before more cloud arrives in the latter half. Eventually some light and patchy rain pushes in from the south west. Temperatures dip to 7C, maybe lower for a while.

Wednesday sees the rain turning heavier and more persistent, it also pushes further north and east across Wales. On the higher ground, of the Brecon Beacons we could see up to an inch of rain. Take care with standing water on the roads during the rush hour.

After lunch the rain begins to clear from Pembrokeshire and brighter weather moves in behind the rain band. It's likely to continue rather damp for the likes of Wrexham. It will be a rather windy afternoon with gales in the Irish Sea possible.

Temperatures will be up on Tuesday but in the wet and windy weather it's unlikely to feel any warmer!

The rest of the week flip flops between sunny spells and showers with another spell of rather wet weather on Friday.